52home: Week 14

Honey-Do List
[ONE] Saturday 3/26/2011 • 10:55am

Mini RHS Reunion
[TWO] Saturday 3/26/2011 • 9:12pm

I love Tiffany. She can get a group of ladies together with ease. I really had a great night laughing and sharing memories with friends…while Aaron had a quiet night at home after working all day on my honey-do list.

Family Day in the Snow
Sunday 3/27/2011 • 2:04pm

Aaron has band practice a few times a month…and he has to drive an hour each way. Instead of sitting at home with Naomi, waiting for him to come home, we decided to entertain ourselves at my parents property in the woods. They are rebuilding their house after it burnt down a few years ago, and it is only a few minutes away from the place where Aaron practices each week. Today was a great family day. It reminded me of the days when I was growing up…

Waiting for Mr. Witty
Monday 3/28/2011 • 3:49pm

Cinnamon Rolls + Coffee with Diana Tuesday 3/29/2011 • 5:31pm

Post-Parenting Class Dinner
Wednesday 3/30/2011 • 8:23pm

Morning Visit with Dana + Baby Abby
Thursday 3/31/2011 • 11:16am

Coffee + Conversation (Happy Birthday Emily)
[ONE] Friday 4/1/2011 • 4:58pm

Small Group Dinner (Happy Birthday Josiah)
[TWO] Friday 4/1/2011 • 7:10pm


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