52home: Week 13

Restful Afternoon Prayer Retreat
Saturday 3/19/2011 • 12:39pm

A few times during the month, Aaron and I will schedule a Saturday afternoon for prayer and rest. We usually take turns leaving the house for a few hours while the other person entertains Naomi. This has been such a great time for solitude, prayer and reading. I wish I had time to do Prayer Retreats more often. In other news, we are trying to schedule a weekend Silent Retreat soon…

Spring Sledding at Dana's Parents Property
Sunday 3/20/2011 • 2:12pm

Yarn Shopping with Holly
Monday 3/21/2011 • 1:45pm

Before I went shopping with Holly, I spent the morning with my long-time friend, Robin. We met each other 11 years ago when we found ourselves sharing the same host family during State Junior Miss my Senior year in High School. She won the Davenport HS Junior Miss and I was representing Riverside HS. Anyway, she recently started a catering business and we were discussing some food options for future baby showers that I will be hosting soon. It was fun catching up with her and her three boys…and spending the morning talking about FOOD!!!

Getting Ready to Leave the House
Tuesday 3/22/2011 • 9:41am

Naomi and I went to MOMs Group this morning and my friend Anneke lead a great discussion. I also volunteered my time that evening to help with MOPS Shop (a free annual kids clothing and toy exchange that a friend of mine organizes every year). After hours of sorting and folding, the volunteers were given the opportunity to “shop early” and grab a few items before they left. I only found five items…but the “Just Between Friends” sale is only a few weeks away. That is when I will load up on an entire years worth of kids clothes…

Home Date Night: Ice Cream + Painting
Wednesday 3/23/2011 • 8:03pm

Janet Day
{ONE] Thursday 3/24/2011 • 2:24pm

After a glorious day with Janet, I picked up Naomi from my parents house and headed home for nap time. Since Aaron works from him, I have the ability to leave the house after Naomi goes to sleep. Today, I went and picked up Ben from school. He told me that it is boring at my house when Aaron is working and Naomi is sleeping. So, we watched a movie, and that seemed to make him happy…especially when he got to pick the movie.

Band Concert at North Central
[TWO] Thursday 3/24/2011 • 8:11pm

Pitini Pajama Day
Friday 3/25/2011 • 10:37am


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