Prices Per Gallon

— Dana

Everyone complains when the price of gas goes up at the tank, but it remains one of the cheapest liquids available for sale. Here are some other liquids (and their prices) to give you a deeper appreciation for the current gas prices…

Tap Water: $0.00/gal
Folgers Coffee (Black): $0.70/gal
Kool-Aid: $1.85/gal
Clorox Bleach: $2.20/gal
Lowfat Milk: $2.99/gal
Unleaded Gasoline: $3.65/gal
Automotive Antifreeze: $4.19/gal
Liquid Coffee Mate: $5.54/gal
Carlo Rossi Blush Wine: $5.65/gal
Eggs (Chicken): $5.76/gal
Evian Spring Water: $6.40/gal
Budweiser: $8.88/gal
Windex: $10.21/gal
Plant Fertilizer: $12.95/gal
Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup: $13.23/gal
Kikkoman Soy Sauce: $15.33/gal
Latex House Paint: $16.50/gal
Jamba Juice: $21.82/gal
Red Bull Energy Drink: $30.69/gal
Head & Shoulders Shampoo: $37.74/gal
Absolut Vodka: $58.26/gal
Round-Up: $63.20/gal
Grapeseed Oil: $69.47/gal
Renu Contact Lens Solution: $82.03/gal
Tabasco Sauce: $94.46/gal
Robitussin DM: $109.76/gal
Fresh Squeezed Wheat Grass: $124.80/gal
Vanilla Extract: $127.84/gal
Liquid Paper: $198.40/gal
Penicillin: $301.49/gal
Punky Color Hair Dye: $327.31/gal
Cover Girl Nail Polish: $892.80/gal
Human Blood: $1,514.79/gal
Black Ink (from an ink cartridge): $2,701.52/gal
Mercury: $3,433.33/gal
Insulin: $9,411.76/gal
Chanel No.5 Perfume: $25,600.00/gal
LSD: $122,880.00/gal
Cobra Venom: $152,835.82/gal
Scorpion Venom: $38,858,507.46/gal


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