52home: Week 12

Our Favorite Babysitters
Saturday 3/12/2011 • 5:59pm

Aaron and I enjoyed a fantastic dinner with Donny + Rose. I failed to bring my camera (again), however, pictures can’t accurately depict the wonderful conversations shared with friends. The Meginniss Family graciously watched Naomi for us…so we could enjoy this evening without constant distraction.

Board Meeting Preparation
Sunday 3/13/2011 • 6:18am

One Earful Afternoon
Monday 3/14/2011 • 12:36pm


Happy “Pi” Day!!! You will have to visit an entirely different blog post to discover the details of our favorite holiday…

Lovely Tea + Conversation with Gracie
[ONE] Tuesday 3/15/2011 • 11:22am

Post Knee Surgery Visit
[TWO] Tuesday 3/15/2011 • 1:05pm

"Girls Only" Living Room Forts
Wednesday 3/16/2011 • 3:44pm

Serenity's Spicy Spaghetti + Hail Storm Jumping
Thursday 3/17/2011 • 10:51am

I left my camera at Serenity’s house (so sad). Which meant…I didn’t get a picture of Michell at the Service Station later that evening. We still had a great time sharing stories and sipping our tasty beverages (even if there wasn’t a picture to document the occasion).

"Look...I Have A Booger On My Finger."
Friday 3/18/2011 • 2:33pm