Moving Forward

— Dana

After I finished my blog post on Perfectionism, I spent some much needed time in humble contemplation. The Lord brought to my mind many examples of how I started out with pure motives and then slowly moved down the path of perfectionism. If only I had been diligent to preach The Gospel to myself daily. Maybe, I would be singing a different tune.

Anyway, during my extended time of prayer, a couple of issues worked their way to the surface. Some things were easier to swallow. Others lodged in my throat like a giant piece of meat, unable to move through the smooth passage way. After a while, I was in a healthy place to digest it all. This list seems incredibly long when I roll each one around in my mind, but I know that Christ is faithful to complete what He has started. In no particular order…

Forgetting The Gospel
Being a Peace-maker
Prolonged Suffering
Being Abused
Compassion Fatigue
Ministry Burnout
Not Understanding Rest
Lacking Boundaries

This is the messy side of me. The broken side. The part of me that I’ve been holding on to for far too long. The Holy Spirit was gentle enough to show me that not all of these issues are filled with sin (like grief, for example). However, I can readily admit that I lack wisdom in each area. Some things have hindered my worship. Others have filled my heart with embarrassment. However, I think I’m finally to a breaking point. I’m ready to surrender. And this means…

Biblical Counseling.

That’s right. Biblical Counseling. When Aaron and I completed our first (of many) certifications to become Biblical Counselors, it seemed like a great idea to sit down and experience the whole process from a counselor and counselee’s perspective. However, after these recent revelations of my current character flaws, it would be unwise to counsel others when I am neck deep in things like “Compassion Fatigue”? For the last year, I’ve been on my knees in prayer…begging the Lord to reveal the root cause of all my problems. He has been faithful to answer my prayers. The above list are all things I don’t know how to navigate around. They are all my blind areas. And I need someone who is willing and able to point the light of God’s Truth on my very crooked path.

Thankfully, there’s a church in my area that offers FREE Biblical Counseling, and (the last time I checked) they have seven Certified Biblical Counselors. This particular type of counseling uses the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors (NANC). I’ve included a link below that lists all the NANC certified counselors around the nation. Not all of the counselors offer free Biblical Counseling, but if you are interested in going to counseling that focuses on the Word of God, this would be a great place to start!!!

Hooray to moving forward…and living a life that is filled with hope, joy and freedom.


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