52home: Week 11

Boy Time Score Sheets
Saturday 3/5/2011 • 4:37pm

We said our good-byes to Brady this morning and then Aaron drove him to the airport. It was fun having him around our house. Now, we have to act like adults and do laundry. However, we thought it would be best if Aaron had a little fun at Wonderland and Fastcart with Ben before returning to normal life.

Pajama Day
Sunday 3/6/2011 • 10:04am

Lunch, Muffins and Tea...Oh My!!!
Monday 3/7/2011 • 11:23am

“Mornings with Mindy” are always filled with treats and entertainment. She even baked us some Huckleberry muffins. Later in the evening, My sweet husband decided to go to “Beer + Theology” after Naomi went to bed. He wouldn’t bring the camera so I could post some pictures. Silly husband.

Mornings with "BAM"
[ONE] Tuesday 3/8/2011 • 8:11am

Daddy-Daughter Date
[TWO] Tuesday 3/8/2011 • 3:59pm

Boys Jammin' + Girls Dancin'
Wednesday 3/9/2011 • 4:42pm

Aaron and Jared usually get together on Wednesdays, and every once in a while Shaelyn will come along, too. Today, the boys were playing their guitars downstairs while we danced to the music.

A Morning Spent Relaxing with The Hieb's
[ONE] Thursday 3/10/2011 • 12:46pm

Pulling an All-Nighter at Sheri's Restaurant
[TWO] Thursday 3/10/2011 • 9:05pm-4:55am

I’ve been trying to work on the Manual and Financial Guidelines for Shepherd 2 Shepherd Ministries (the Non-Profit I work for). I was having a hard time finding 8 hours of uninterrupted work time…I wonder why. So, after Naomi went to bed, I went to Sheri’s while Aaron stayed home. I think I was awake for 39 hours before I slept. There’s a reason why people sleep, however, I got a TON of work finished that night!!!

Jumping with Nate
Friday 3/11/2011 • 1:28pm

Other than my “All-Nighter”, this was our first successful week of rest.