Happy “Pi” Day

— Dana

Every year, our little family faithfully celebrates π day. We really like pie, of all varieties, and March 14th (3.14) affords us the guilt-free excuse to eat pie all day. Last year was a complete flop. We tried to share a little Hostess pie that we bought at a convenient store down the street. It was gross. This year, Aaron tried to make up for this pie blunder. So, he scoured the house for the ingredients to make “Haphazard Triple Berry Pie”. You wouldn’t believe what he found in the kitchen to make this pie, and it was absolutely AMAZING!!! I encouraged him to write down the ingredients, so we could make it again in the future. And then we laughed. It would be impossible. This is a magical pie. And it honestly makes up for all the bad pies in the past and throughout all eternity.

And we are not sharing.


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