52home: Week 9

Girls Brunch with Tiffany + Jordyn
[ONE] Saturday 2/19/2011 • 11:38am

Dale + Janet's Wedding Day
[TWO] Saturday 2/19/2011 • 12:43pm + 6:17pm

Our "No More Cancer" Gifts Arrive Just in Time
Sunday 2/20/2011 • 5:22pm

Watching and Waiting For Friends
Monday 2/21/2011 • 10:59am

Running Errands After MOMs Group
[ONE] Tuesday 2/22/2011 • 1:04pm

I’ve been meaning to take a picture of the shopping cart at Target (for my friend Sarah). Now that we’re debt free, this little permanent ad makes me giggle. I’m so thankful that “Charging It” is a thing of the past…

Daddy-Daughter Date Night
[TWO] Tuesday 2/22/2011 • 3:31pm

Afternoon Visit with "Auntie Gee" (Dana's Sister)
[ONE] Wednesday 2/23/2011 • 11:37am

The Cat, Baby Doll, Naomi + Mommy Take a Walk
[TWO] Wednesday 2/23/2011 • 2:16pm

Too Cold Outside...Let's Bring the Snow In
Thursday 2/24/2011 • 8:48am

Waiting Patiently for Our Vacation to Start
Friday 2/25/2011 • 2:10pm

Apparently, our recent vacation turned my brain into mush. I’m having a difficult time remembering the details of last week.