52home: Week 7

Coldstone with Don + Deanna
[ONE] 2/5/2011 • 11:23am

Spinning with Ben in the Afternoon
[TWO] 2/5/2011 • 1:49pm

Sunday Worship at The Porch
[ONE] 2/6/2011 • 10:18am

Shepherd 2 Shepherd Board Meeting
[TWO] 2/6/2011 • 3:32pm

Holly is the best (and her two kids…plus Josiah…are pretty amazing, too)!!! They are always willing to watch Naomi for us whenever we need it. We are grateful that they adopted us into their family. They are a blessing…

It's a Pumpkin Pancake Mornin'
2/7/2011 • 8:57am

This evening, our dear friend Michell came over to visit, and we fed her our famous enchilada dinner. After Naomi went to bed, Aaron headed out to “Beer + Theology” while Michell and I stayed behind to eat dessert.

Crafting a New Heart Toward Others
[ONE] 2/8/2011 • 10:26am

Sharing Secrets
[TWO] 2/8/2011 • 12:35pm

Our 11th Valentine's Day (Celebrating Early)
[THREE] 2/8/2011 • 7:54pm

My Everest (All 9 Loads)
2/9/2011 • 7:01am

…and that pile was conquered between Bible Study Fellowship, delivering a meal to a family, and an amazing dinner with “The Fam” (hosted by Jameus + Emily).

A Mommy Date with Naomi
[ONE] 2/10/2011 • 11:46am

New Sushi Experience (Happy Late Birthday Danise)
[TWO] 2/10/2011 • 8:32pm

Bathtub Shaving Cream Art
2/11/2011 • 8:11pm

This day ended up being a very busy day!!! Between Naomi’s doctor appointment (27.4 lbs, 34″ long), clothes shopping at Other Mother’s “Quarter Sale”, meeting with Diana at “The Rocket” (which we need to do more often because I love that lady), and hosting Small Group…I am one tired mommy.

It was a good week, but what happened to my year of rest?