52home: Week 6

New Hockey Experience (Happy Birthday Bridget)
(Bonus Day - Saturday) 1/29/2011 • 7:56pm

My friend Bridget is a realtor for Coldwell Banker and her company had the floor seats behind the goal box. Bridget and I were featured on the big screen cheering for The Chiefs, Naomi was a bit overwhelmed by the all the noise and lights, and Aaron enjoyed the amazing seats right next to the gong!!! We had a great night…

First Hair Cut
(Bonus Day Part One - Sunday) 1/30/2011 • 11:39am

Another Tattoo
(Bonus Day Part Two - Sunday) 1/30/2011 • 2:12pm

Meal Making Day for New Parents
1/31/2011 • 3:44pm

Chaperoned Afternoon Date (Happy Birthday Nate)
2/1/2011 • 12:08pm

Taking A Family Sick Day
2/2/2011 • 1:25pm

The Hieb's New House
2/3/2011 • 12:31pm

Another thing that happened today was a surprise visit with Bridget. I don’t know how she does it (so it must be the Holy Spirit), but every time Bridget wants to come over my previous plans for the day get canceled moments before she calls. I’m also always an emotional wreck that particular day. Thanks for being a great friend, Bridget…and for listening to the Holy Spirit!!! You’re a keeper.

Pitini Peas In A Pod (Happy Birthday Anneke)
2/4/2011 • 10:53am