52home: Week 5

First Gig at Prime Tyme
(Bonus Day - Saturday) 1/22/2011 • 11:19pm

Alyson Spends the Night
(Bonus Day - Sunday) 1/23/2011 • 8:34am

(It’s hard to see…but Naomi is sticking her tongue out. If you click on the
image you can see it. We also took a great walk this afternoon!!!)

Third Cleaning at Hero Dental
1/24/2011 • 9:42am

(We decided to bake this week!!! Today, we made banana bread muffins…
tomorrow we will make and eat chocolate chip cookie dough.

Vintage Faith's MOMs Group
1/25/2011 • 10:27am

(The Meginniss Family has been experiencing car problems this week,
so Naomi and I spent the morning visiting and helping them with errands.)

Sacred Heart Medical Center...Abigail Rose Oswald!!!
1/26/2011 • 8:05am

Five Mile Heights Pizza
1/27/2011 • 6:49pm

(I will have to post more pictures from Naomi’s birthday party…
it was hard to pick just ONE picture for today.)

Two Years Already? Happy Birthday Naomi!!!
1/28/2011 • 10:58pm