52home: Week 2

Mobius with Molly + Liam
1/3/2011 • 10:59am 

(We also had dinner at The Garringer’s on this day,
but we didn’t bring our camera to capture the fun.)


Time to Spend the Afternoon with Oma + Opa at "Big House"
1/4/2011 • 3:01pm 


Getting Ready to Host Two Baby Showers This Week
1/5/2011 • 3:55pm 

(Naomi and I went to visit Courtney Pegram and her boys
on this day…but we have no photos to prove it.)


Mobius with Anneke, Eden + Hawkins
1/6/2011 • 11:06am

(Dave + Stephenie Ruff invited us over to their house on this evening for a
much needed time of fellowship. If you haven’t caught on by now,
I’m not good at bringing my camera wherever we go!!!)


Oswald Baby Shower
1/7/2011 • 6:18pm

(I will post more pictures from Dana’s Baby Shower sometime next week.)