— Dana

As of yesterday (January 15th), I am completely done with my year-end, quarter-end and month-end bookkeeping tasks for all FIVE churches…AND…I’m done hosting TWO fantastic baby showers that I planned in January…AND…I’m all caught up with all my Thank You Notes, Baby Gifts and Birthday/Anniversary presents for everyone through the end of February!!! I just have to mail a few packages and plan a little something for Naomi’s birthday at the end of this month (yes, my baby is turning TWO) and then I can spend lots of time reading God’s Word…taking lots of naps…reading lots of books…watching lots of movies.

This is my Sabbatical Year…a time to learn how to rest. I have a really hard time relaxing…and I have a really hard time not feeling guilty about resting. There are so many things to do and so many things clamoring for my attention. It’s time to learn. Before it’s too late.

So, today Naomi and I went on a mommy-daughter date. We went to Babies-R-Us and then walked over to Tomato Street for some lunch. She did so well in the restaurant. We shared a cheese pizza, colored on the paper table clothes and played with play dough. It was a great afternoon with giggles, silly chatting and lots of walks around town. She is taking a nap now, and I think I might do the same. Today is a great day of rest. I’m looking forward to many more in the coming months!!! So, here’s a little haiku to commemorate the day.

giggles and pizza
it is time to celebrate
fun for everyone