Toddlers and the Incarnation

— Dana

“And the Word became flesh and moved into the neighborhood…” John 1:14

The last week has been filled with perhaps enough poop to fertilize a small farm (if anyone is interested in a sweet deal just give us a call)…and mouth projectiles that are impressive enough to call “The Guinness Book of World Records” staff. Between way too many showers and boat loads of laundry, I have managed to ponder a few deep thoughts this week. I should keep a journal with me at all times…so I can capture my thoughts throughout the day. At any rate, the one that keeps coming up in my mind is “How do I teach my toddler about the incarnation of Jesus Christ?” I mean really…I’m having a hard enough time teaching Naomi that teeth are for eating food and not for biting her friends!!!

Nevertheless, I want our children to learn at an early age that the incarnation of Jesus Christ was God’s way of drawing near to mankind. As in He wanted to be close to us, beside us, next to us…to walk with us and live among us…to eat with us and pray with us…to get eye-level with children and welcome them to Himself.

For a number of years now, I’ve been pining after a “Little Peoples Nativity Set” for Naomi. For whatever reason, I always forget to buy one before Advent. Anyway, I have dreamy visions of letting Naomi play with each piece while we teach her about the characters in the Nativity story…Christmas music is always playing in the background…and we are always sipping hot chocolate in front of the fire. **BAM** Reality hits and I wipe Naomi’s butt for the fourth time in two hours and I quickly realize that I don’t have a fireplace. DOH!!! They I think, “will she even remember Christmas this year”? Probably not, but I really don’t want a Christmas to go by without Mary and Joseph and the shepherds and the wise men and (according to Fisher Price) the blond-headed Jesus!!!

Anyway, one of these days I will make it a point to purchase the Nativity set for our children. My hope is that their little hands will play with these pieces throughout the year…and that God’s enormous hands will tenderly work on all their hearts while I fumble through this whole process of parenting. I know He will be faithful to show them that Jesus is indeed Immanuel…”God with us”.


* Incarnation: the presence of God on Earth in the person of Jesus.

For more information on the “Incarnation”, click here for a longer explanation from a different source. This particular author wrote it in a way that most people can understand, and hopefully you too can start to comprehend this mystery in a deeper way during the Advent season.