Look Who’s Talking (video)

— Dana

I’m a little behind with my videos these days. So, forgive me for posting a video from August 2010. When I was going through my videos on my camera, I noticed that I captured a few of Naomi’s favorite words on film. So, in my spare time, I compiled a video that showed her mad talking skills.

Currently,(three months later) she seems to repeat EVERY word I say. I feel like I have a talking parrot following me around the house. It’s a good thing I always say words that are nice and pleasant…right…

P.S. Sorry you can hear me in the background. I try to not talk while filming Naomi so you can hear her instead of my annoying voice. Oh well…I hope I’m not too distracting.


5 thoughts on “Look Who’s Talking (video)

  1. What a cutie, thankyou for sharing these precious moments! I can’t believe her blond hair and how well she talks. Especially 2 and 3 syllable words!

  2. LOOK OUT!! your never going to get her to shush now! *ok, I am just jealous that my kids combined don’t say as many words as her…*

  3. With my extensive knowledge in the area of translating toddler-ese, I have come to the conclusion that she is voicing the sounds of light sabers and laser guns from Star Wars!

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