Naomi’s Happy Feet (video)

— Dana

I don’t know how Naomi comes up with stuff sometimes. She just started busting out these moves without any prompting or practice before I started filming her little happy feet. We couldn’t stop giggling the whole time she was dancing. So, here’s the video that I found on my camera…


9 thoughts on “Naomi’s Happy Feet (video)

  1. These are the moments I live for as a parent! So precious! I love the bared belly and the head leans! thanks for the smiles!

  2. I like how you could not help but giggle/belly laugh yourself while fiilming. I was while watching it. That is super sweet. I think I would title that “Hip hop Jump” :>}

  3. Dana, So cute. Were you laughing while filming? She’s a natural for “So YOu Think You Can Dance” when she grows up.

  4. OMSG (thats OMG with “stinkin'” inserted)!!!!
    Love the- over the left shoulder glance- and the belly flash! She’s got some talent, wish I had rhythm like her!

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