Answered Prayer

— Dana

Psalm 91:4 — “He will cover you with his wings. Under the feathers of his wings you will find safety. He is faithful. He will keep you safe like a shield or a tower.”

Sometimes I have a hard time declaring what the Lord has done or is doing in my life…because if it changes by the time I take a breath I don’t want to look like I have egg on my face. However, I need to be confident that if a particular situation changes, that doesn’t mean that the Lord wasn’t working before or that He has all of a sudden stopped working in my life.

For example, I have been praying for weeks that the Lord would help Naomi to sleep past 6:30am. She seems to have this amazing internal clock that tells her to wake up at the same time every morning…no matter what time I put her to bed the night before. And, as most people know, daylight savings time is coming and 5:30am doesn’t sound like a great time to deal with a cranky toddler. So, I prayed…for a long time…that the Lord would intervene.

He answered my prayer.

The last 5 mornings, Naomi has started her day at 7:30am without any changes except prayer. Praise the Lord!!! Now, if she wakes up earlier tomorrow morning, I don’t want to feel like the Lord did not answer my prayer…because He did. Just because change occurs in my life, it doesn’t mean the Lord wasn’t working up until that point in time. He continues to work through the new adjustments and in all changes because He has a plan. Repeat after me…He has a plan!!! We cannot forget that (I am always tempted to reject what the Word says about His ultimate control and having a plan for me). However, He is more concerned with my response to a given situation and reliance upon Him ALL THE TIME than whether or not my situation changes or remains the same. And I have to constantly remind myself that He is indeed faithful and that He is near at all times…keeping me safe like a shield or a tower…in whatever situation I face.

Because right now, Aaron and I are only one month away from being debt free (except our mortgage) and I am starting to feel excited and anxious at the same time. So many things can happen in a month and we might have to adjust our plans…but I am still going to praise the Lord for all the things He has done in our family and in our hearts though this process. That is where the real treasure lies…in my heart change and not in my spare change. He will keep me safe…I have no need to fear the reality of more debt in the future…because He will provide a way out and something to stand up under the threat of debt. I can have confidence in His provision and that He will give me all that I need…and in His grace He might even give me things I want, too.

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