Call Me Crazy

— Dana

Aaron flew away on a jet plane to Kentucky…for more days than I want to admit. So, Naomi and I decided that we are going to go on a wild and crazy 1000 mile road trip while Aaron is gone. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost my mind. Who would, in their right mind, take a toddler on a road trip by themselves? I’m hoping someone will join me on this 5 day adventure, but if we go alone I suppose I will survive. Some call me crazy…I call it an adventure.

I think this song will have to be on my iPod playlist…and I should probably find other songs with the word “crazy” in it so I can rock out while being wild and crazy!!! If I haven’t lost my mind at this point, it will probably gone by the time I get back home.


2 thoughts on “Call Me Crazy

  1. Where are you crazy girls going? I know the feeling though. I am going on a 1000 mile trip with both kidos when brady is gone too…to Medford.

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