Free Museum Day


Aaron and I took advantage of the “free admission” offer on National Museum Day (September 25th). The MAC Museum in Spokane, WA is such a great museum to visit. We enjoyed all the new technological advances that they’ve recently added…and there was a children’s section that was perfect for Naomi to explore and play (and make art) with while we took turns peaking in the more “fragile” areas of the museum. For me, the highlight was visiting the “Campbell House”…which has been closed every time I’ve visited the museum. I had such a great time in their guided tour of the carriage house and mansion that was over 100 years old. It’s times like these where I appreciate my husband more and more. He had already visited the “Campbell House” a number of times throughout the years…so when Naomi was getting fussy in the middle of the tour, he graciously took her outside to play in the grass while I finished. When the tour was over, we met up for a picnic lunch outside and enjoyed the amazing 75 degree weather during a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Life doesn’t get much better than this…

[September 25, 2010 – Museum Day at the “MAC Museum”]