Shaving Cream

— Dana

In preparation for “No Shave November”, Naomi and I helped dispose of all the shaving cream in the house. We figured Aaron really wasn’t going to use it in November, so we would do our best to not let the poor shaving cream sit around and get depressed because it was being neglected.

Also, the leaves in our tree decided to turn from green to yellow last week. Since the weather was still gorgeous outside, I decided to let Naomi run around the back yard in all her glory. I figured the weather would slowly get cold as the months progressed, so here’s one of my last attempts at enjoying the summer weather while it’s still around…


3 thoughts on “Shaving Cream

  1. glad she is feeling better. She gave her goobers to me, but I’m just sleeping today. Hugs and loves to shweeet girl! Better watch it, she might take after her Auntie Gee and show the who neighborhood her glory in the chestnut tree out front! 😀

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