Chocolate Tasting Date

— Dana

Aaron and I went on a date for our first “Chocolate Tasting” class a few weeks ago. We learned quite a bit about the whole growing and preparation process of the coco bean. What was also interesting to learn was that, as a couple, we don’t agree on chocolate one bit!!! I’m pretty sure we’ve agreed on practically every issue the last 11 years…except chocolate. I love everything sweet and Aaron enjoys the spicy variety (which actually explains quite a bit about us and who we picked for a spouse, now that I think about it). As far as the type of chocolate, he totally enjoys a 65% dark, gritty chocolate and I could bathe in a 55% smooth, creamy chocolate any day. All this to say…I would HIGHLY recommend a trip down to the  “Chocolate Apothecary” for a romantic chocolate date for two. You can visit their website at to see when they will be hosting their next chocolate tasting class. Bon Appetit!!!