Leavenworth Rafting Trip

— Dana

The beginning of June marked the first trip Aaron and I took without our daughter, Naomi. She was only 17 months old at the time…and we knew she would be in good hands with my parents. But, deep down inside, we needed to find some courage to drive away from our home and actually embark on this three day vacation in Leavenworth, Washington. Looking back, the hardest part was walking out the front door. However, once we jumped in the car and started driving away, the anxiety subsided and we settled in our 3-1/2 hour journey toward the beautiful North Cascade mountains. The only bummer was that, in our haste to leave the house that day, we forgot our camera. We were so happy to find out everyone brought their camera and were all willing to share their digital memories with us!!! I just received the last of the pictures this week…so I figured I would post a few images and reminisce about our once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

We were not alone on this trip without Naomi. Our best friends “The Fam” (all eight of us…plus four kids…minus Naomi) wanted to celebrate Jameus’ 31st birthday while rafting down the Wenatchee River. Of course this trip was planned during peak flooding season…but that just made for a swifter river coupled with awesome rapids!!! Let me introduce you to the cast and crew of “Leavenworth 2010”.

Aaron, Matt, Brady and Jameus (Birthday Boy).

Courtney, Emily, Dana (me) and Sarah.

“The Fam”…doing what we do best.

Ellia (J & E’s daughter) and Kelvin (B & C’s son).

Clair (B & C’s daughter) and Myself.

Sarah and Laina (J & E’s daughter).

I was starting to miss Naomi by the first evening…so I cuddled with all the kids, that were near and dear to my heart, every moment I could. After a very restful night, we woke up the next morning and ate a wonderful breakfast with our friends. We then drove a few miles from the condo to the launch site and met up with the crew from “Peak7 Adventures”. (This Non-Profit helps underprivileged Youth through outdoor adventures…if you get a chance, check out their website and plan your next trip with them www.peak7.org. What an amazing group of people!!!) They loaded our entire Motley Crue into a fourteen passenger van and took us further up the Wenatchee River…where we could get all our gear (they provided everything) and listen to a mini lesson about rafting safety and emergency situations.

At this point in our adventure I was informed that we could indeed be dumped out of the raft and spill out into the river. What? I just figured we would be drifting down a quiet river while enjoying a spot of tea. Umm…not likely…especially with rapids rated at a “3” and “4”. I am happy to report that we went down the river twice…and my raft was kind enough to keep me in the raft at all times. As for the other raft, they had the unfortunate experience of swimming down the Wenatchee River without their essential boating equipment for a long 10 minutes. The guide from “Peak7” was calm, cool and collected when their raft dumped them out. She was only a few inches taller than myself…and thankfully she pulled everyone back in the raft single-handedly. Very impressive!!! Especially since Matt is over 6-feet tall and is at least twice her size. I am pretty sure everyone was a bit intimidated when all was said and done…but we were also thankful for her quick thinking skills as a rafting guide.

These last few photos were provided by “Peak7” as part of our package deal. What a treasure!!! I really enjoyed all the time spent with friends…doing something I would never do alone. If only we could get together and do something like this more often…


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