What Was I Thinking?

ā€” Dana

Like most mornings, Aaron and I will roll out of bed at 5am and start our day with a shower. We get dressed and, if we’re lucky, we may even pour ourselves a cup of coffee before our sweet little daughter announces to the world that it is indeed time to get up. Her announcement arrives right on time and in a very predictable way…screaming at 6:30am followed by repeatedly pleading “mommy” or “daddy” over and over again until we go upstairs and get her. I am not looking forward to the day when she can get out of bed. The crib is my lifesaver right now.

However, this morning went a little different…a little less predictable.

Aaron and I finished our normal morning routine, however, the 6:30am banshee didn’t arrive on time. 6:30am. 6:35am. 6:40am. Should I go check on her? NO. Let her sleep!!! The Lord has heard my prayer. 6:45am. 6:50am. 6:55am. Maybe she stopped breathing? 7:00am. 7:05am. 7:10am. Did someone steal my daughter? Why isn’t she awake? 7:15am. 7:20am. There she is…the banchee has arrived.

Good thing I sat here for almost an hour…waiting for Noami to wake-up…instead of getting some work done.


3 thoughts on “What Was I Thinking?

  1. After seeing Naomi’s big girl bed, we bought one for Jordyn cause she got jealous. Hehe. It’s weird when babies sleep later than usual. There have been days where J will sleep til 11. After waking up an hour later did she take a normal long nap? She’s probably growing.

  2. Aaron told me that I had to see the picture of Jordyn in her big girl bed. Adorable!!!

    Naomi took her normal 3 hour nap. I am sure she is growing…or at least I hope she is…because all her fall/winter clothes are too big and I need her to fit in them STAT!!!

    Dana Kangas

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