Kangas Road Trip 2010 – Part Two

Kangas Road Trip 2010 – Part Two

[Sequim/Port Angeles, Washington with The Stems (Aaron’s Parents): Sept 7th – 10th]

>>> Olympic Game Farm <<<

Leader of the “Llama Gang”.

So many deer trying to get into our car!!!

The bears will do tricks for bread.

Where else in the world can you drive around, hand feed a yak, and have it lick you through your car window? The Olympic Game Farm, of course!!! Naomi loved the fact that she could get out of her car seat and stick her head out of the window while we drove around the farm. Beware of the llamas and bunnies, though!!! I think they’ve formed a gang…because they circle your car so you can’t move and then they demand bread for a ransom. It’s wise to bring a loaf of bread when you go (or you can buy one at the front gate when you arrive). I’m kind of bummed that I forgot to get a picture of the Zebra. It was the first animal that stuck his head in our car, and I was laughing so hard I forgot to snap a picture (he was beautiful)!!!

Drive down the street to…

>>> Dungeness Bay <<<

A great hike at…

>>> Hurricane Ridge – Olympic National Park <<<

This is how Naomi sleeps in the car…

View from one of the hiking trails.


It’s hard to see in the picture above, but if you look real close you can see Victoria (Canada) right above the middle pine tree in the “blue haze”. There was a map at this turn off site that showed all the cities you could see from up there. It was pretty neat…

My Favorite Thing…

>>> Blackberry Picking with Family <<<

Time to go out on the water!!!

>>> Boating in Sequim Bay…on Aaron’s Parents Crabbing Boat <<<

Naomi is a natural…when it comes to driving boats that are anchored and tied to another boat…

Mike and Lilyen (Aaron’s Parents Neighbors) joined us on the water for snacks and conversation…some of the best neighbors anyone could ask for!!!

Grandpa Bob giving Naomi some boating tips…

Last Day…

>>> Railroad Bridge Park…and “Good-Bye For Now” Hugs <<<

Aaron’s Parents have an amazing new home. It’s less than a month old…so we thought we would bring a toddler over to really break things in a little better.

This is what Naomi looked like for most of the 7 hour drive home (and when she wanted to sleep, she just pulled her blanket over her head).

When we were half way home, we decided to stop in Ellensburg, WA to fill up a growler with our favorite beer…”Irish Death” from the Iron Horse Brewing Company. Too bad a gallon of beer in a growler will only last for one week.


Thanks, Bob and Sandy, for letting us stay in your beautiful new home. It was quite a treat to see some new sights, catch-up with you guys and also visit a little with your neighbors (tell them we say hello). We really appreciate your hospitality and look forward to our annual fall visit (maybe next time we won’t miss out on crabbing season)!!!


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  1. I just love those pictures. Dana, you are amazing with a camera, I would rather have you do Alyson’s Senior pictures. Hey, Homecoming for her is October 2nd, Wanna take pictures of them then? Thanks for sharing all of it with us.


  2. I think you have your Christmas card photo of your family! The one of hiking and Naomi’s red cap is adorable!! Great times great photos great people!

  3. I was thinking the same thing, Courtney!!! We had to buy a hat at the gift shop because it was FREEZING up on the mountain. I didn’t know we were going to go from sea level up to over 6,000-feet that day!!!

    Dana Kangas

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