A Small Percent

— Dana

If something has a small percent chance of happening…it will probably happen to me. I have to admit, it makes life a bit more interesting…

I visited the Ear, Nose & Throat doctor today. With the use of an incredibly large ear microscope, the doctor found an ant leg living on my ear drum. An ant leg. That dirty bug left part of it’s body when it crawled into my ear and caused an enormous amount of irritation in my life the last 6 months. The doctor looked at me and said I was the most interesting person that came in all month…and that I was the first person that ever came into their clinic with an ant leg attached to the ear drum.


I enjoy being interesting. It beats being average. I wonder what small percent I will break next month…


3 thoughts on “A Small Percent

  1. Hooray! I’m so glad they found something! Hopefully your ear drum heals quickly now and everything gets back to ‘normal’!

  2. Oh my Dana. Why does the exception have to be the rule with you? I hope the buzzing stops now. Was the ant leg wiggling and making your ear buzz? Maybe we could come up with a bubble to put you in so you can be protected….

  3. I don’t know…you would think I would get use to being the “5% chance of something happening” all the time…but I don’t. Even when I went to go get my tooth fixed, they gave me a novocain shot and only 5% of people get this pain that comes from the shot for up to a week. Nothing quite like a week of swollen face and painful gums (first time that has happened to me)…

    Dana Kangas

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