What I Did This Summer

— Dana

If I was in Elementary School I’m sure I would have to write a one page paper on “What I Did This Summer”. Today, I was reflecting on all the fun (and not so fun) things our little family has done so far this year. When it comes to blogging, I am pretty horrible at posting the “up-to-date” events as they happen. My camera still has pictures from June…waiting to be downloaded off my camera and sorted on to my computer.

In all reality, there are plenty of “photo-ops” that I have missed and memories that I fail daily to write down. I am beginning to forget all the little things Naomi did when she was a newborn…and this makes my heart sad. Today, I think I realized what older parents mean when they say “cherish your children…time just flies by.” It is not that time actually goes by with greater speed (because there are days when I wonder if God forgot to put a new battery in the earth because time is going by so painfully slow)…it is that we forget all the beautiful details that happen everyday.

I will forget that I played in the dirt with Naomi and then snuggled with her in the bath…rocking back and forth as we sang a made up song from our heart. I will forget the little faces she makes during the day…or the funny noises that comes out of her mouth to describe a feeling that she has inside. My memories will soon fade of her first ice cream cone, rides down the slide at the water park and visits with friends and family. I have already forgotten all the hilarious quotes my husband says during the day and times spent as a family in our back yard. All the memories I have right now are only what I can recall in my unreliable brain. There are moments that are captured on film…and that will have to do for now. Because, in all reality, I am pretty awful at writing things down in Naomi’s baby book or adding pictures to our family album in my “leisure” time.

What I will remember from this summer is that I have been outside more this than any other summer in my life. I have gone on more walks, spent more time in the grass looking at bugs and I have yet to grow tired of pushing Naomi on the swing and helping her down the slide. I have laughed, cried and been frustrated more this summer than any other time. My heart is full and no brain or camera can truly capture all that has gone on in these last few months. I am forever grateful that my husband lets me do whatever I want during the day…and he doesn’t seem to mind when I tell him about all the adventures we’ve had.

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