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Weight gain is my arch nemesis. I seem to lose weight (not gain) when I am pregnant (and that makes me want to be pregnant forever). Other than that, weight seems to find me at every lurking corner and in each nook and cranny in my home. I’m pretty sure it finds me while I am sleeping.

From my heaviest weight (due to a very stressful job and a quickly crashing endocrine system), I have lost 30 pounds…and counting. With only 40 pounds left to go, I feel like I am fighting an uphill battle. My BMI is still officially in the “obese” weight category…and it tells me for my height I should be 95 pounds (I can’t even imagine what the scale would look like in the double digits). I certainly don’t feel obese, but medically…here I am.

The only time in my life I can remember successfully losing weight was right before I got married. I worked out 7 days a week and I hardly had time to eat anything. I went to Weight Watchers with a friend and I lived at the gym. I think that was my lowest weight since Middle School…and it took a lot of effort. Even then, I didn’t weigh 95 pounds.

I really don’t have the time or effort to do that now.

However, the no “gluten/wheat, dairy, eggs and meat” diet has been amazing, and I can’t begin to explain how great I feel. Every once in awhile, I will “check” to see if one of the no-no items will make me sick. And sure enough, within minutes I feel like I am going to die. The pain is worse than child labor. I kid you not!!!

The real challenging part of the last 2 months was realizing that even though I was making great changes in my diet…the scale did not budge. How discouraging is that? I just kept telling myself that I only cared about how I felt and not how much weight I lost. Any weight loss was just a bonus in my book. But, deep down inside, I was discouraged every time the scale would read the same.

Because I can’t afford Weight Watchers and Curves, Aaron and I started doing this charting thing and I think it has helped me. It’s called “The Steve Ward Diet”. It is not actually a diet but rather a way to keep yourself on track. You just draw a line on graph paper from your current weight to your goal, eat normally when you’re below the line and watch your meals when you’re above. I’m a visual person…so the graph is really helpful to me. It keeps me motivated when I felt like nothing was happening because I could see my progress (even before I could see a difference in my waistline). I also like being able to look ahead and see where I’d be by a certain date, assuming I kept on track. I don’t do the “broccoli only” thing that “The Steve Ward Diet” calls for…that’s too extreme. I just eat a little lighter overall when I go above the line. So far so good…and I have been losing about 1/2 pound everyday for the last 2 weeks.

I have also been going on more walks and for longer distances…and we picked up a bike trailer so I can take Naomi on bike rides with me. Between doing 20 minutes of movement everyday and being mindful about healthier food choices, I really feel great the last month. The Lord has been faithful to answer my prayers for discipline and a love for my body…to see me as He sees me. What a blessing!!!

I’m not going to lie, It’s hard to change a lifetime of eating habits…so I still have some work to do…but I’m making good progress. I have hardly eaten any fast food and the times that I did revert to it I found that I didn’t like it as much. Still, I’m not one to deny myself an occasional taco or pizza, so I let myself indulge sometimes (gluten, dairy, egg and meat free…of course). The difference is that I really do think of it as an indulgence rather than a normal weeknight option.

So that’s what I’m doing…moderation in eating, exercising and putting little dots on graph paper.


3 thoughts on “Line Diet

  1. So proud of you darling. Weight loss is the most difficult thing. I struggle every day. Some days are better than others. I like how you are grafting it. I am visual as well and may steal your idea. Keep it up!

  2. Uhhh maybe i meant graphing. Awww nuts. Remember that one time when i graduated from college? Hehe. Also was goung to ask when you weigh yourself. Every mornjng? Afternoon? Night?

  3. Thanks, Tiffany!!! I weigh myself the same time everyday. I don’t think it matters…just as long as it is the same time everyday. I do it after I go pee in the morning when I wake up. Sometimes I wait until after my shower…hoping I have a pound of dirt on me…it has not proved to be effective yet. 🙂

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