Baby Names

— Dana

Before I go any further, I am NOT pregnant. With that said…every summer Aaron and I revisit our “baby names” list. We are going to have four children (Lord willing) and this is our current list of names. Since we most likely will not find out the gender during each pregnancy, we now have our top 3 girls and 3 boys names to cover everything.

√ Naomi Jean Cheerful Kangas
Sophia (Sophie) Louise Insightful Kangas
Phoebe Lynn Delightful Kangas
Adeline (Addie) Rose Graceful Kangas

Spencer Aaron Danger Kangas
Oliver David Adventurous Kangas
Arthur Daniel Fearless Kangas


One thought on “Baby Names

  1. Those names are just so “you”!

    I LOVE hearing what other people select… can’t wait to hear the announcement of Kangas Baby #2 – no pressure, though!

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