Old Cell Phone


I saw this picture today and bursted out laughing. Do you think Zach Morris knows how ridiculous he looks? Zack, being the cool guy on “Saved By The Bell”, got his hands on this new technology somewhere in later seasons. And even though his phone was huge, he kept it in his back pocket…always prepared for any emergency situation that came up. Really, that was exactly the purpose of the first cell phones. They were for emergency calls. All that to say…his phone is HUGE and I can’t believe he really carried it in his back pocket while all the girls swooned. Maybe I should get one for Aaron. You know he would be the talk of town…

giant cell phone


One thought on “Old Cell Phone


    Everyone jokes with Rob that he had a “Zach Morris” phone… until he recently upgraded to a BlackBerry complete with internet… which I don’t even have – go figure! One extreme to another 🙂

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