[Dana] Health Update

Okay…I can’t remember who we told and who is in the dark. So, I will keep this brief and to the point.

* 3 years ago I had my gallbladder removed due to intense pain (gall stones).

* 6 months later the pain came back.

* Pain has increased in severity and is happening almost everyday now.

* So, I thought I might have liver stones or something else wrong (since that is location on my body where the pain always happens).

Now you are up to date…

* I had my liver checked out last week and everything is normal and a-okay. Praise God!!!

* Now, comes the hard part…I have to try an “Egg-Free”, “Dairy-Free”, “Gluten-Free”, “Fat-Free” diet for the next 3 months to see if it makes the pain go away completely.

* Praises: I am thankful we are starting this at the beginning of the “fresh fruit and vegetable” season.

* Challenges: I really lack discipline when it comes to food. This is going to be hard. I already know I’m going to be a big baby and cry about this. God is good, though. I will be praying continually for strength…and I would appreciate some prayers as well.

* Prayer Requests: That I would figure out what foods are triggering pain. Wisdom for Aaron (since he does all the cooking around the Kangas household). Patience for me…potlucks, BBQs and eating out are probably not an option all summer…

There you go…that is the skinny on how I am feeling. Other than some stomach pain, I am doing fantastic!!! Praise the Lord!!! It has been a long journey towards health and the Lord has been faithful to answer prayers so far.


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