Okay, it is safe to say that Naomi’s eczema is officially under control now. Good grief!!! Here’s a few changes we made, and at this point I am not sure what really helped…so I will just list them all.

In order of changes made…

1.) We changed laundry soap to “sensitive skin” and “dermatologist approved” fragrance free and dye free Arm & Hammer laundry soap. We also stopped using “Oxyclean” and “Spray & Wash” on all her clothes. I usually run the rinse cycle twice on all her clothes and bedding.

2.) Bath every night before bed…for usually 20-30 minutes. No bubbles. No soaps. Just “lukewarm” water up to her belly button.

3.) We stopped using all soaps that make “bubbles” and just use “Cetaphil” as a general cleanser around all the dirty areas. (It is just an over the counter cleanser…we bought it at Walgreens.)

4.) The only shampoo we use now is “T-Sal” (recommended by the dermatologist) and I only wash her hair once or twice a week. It is for the “flakey” scalp (aka cradle cap) that a lot of babies get when they are little. (We also purchased this at Walgreens).

5.) If I use a cleanser or shampoo, I make sure to drain the bathtub and then (with a bucket) I rinse her off with some clean, lukewarm water.

6.) Immediately after her bath, we pat her dry and use “Vanicream” (again purchased at Walgreens) from head to toe. She is one slippery baby after applying it everywhere.

7.) For her really bad eczema spots (or when she flares up again), we use a cortisone cream that was prescribed by the doctor before we put on the “Vanicream”.

8.) I also try to avoid extreme temperature changes. I have found that the winter was the worst time for her eczema. The drier air, more clothes due to the cold temperatures and lack of sunlight (which helps heal eczema) made things pretty bad for a while.

9.) It’s important that you take your child into the dermatologist so they can make sure the rash is not a staph infection…or a yeast infection. Naomi did not have this, but it was nice to know that that might be a problem in the future so I can be aware of it.


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  1. Love this information; nothing like having all of the facts in one spot!

    Keep the “knowledge” posts coming 🙂

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