Do What You Know.

I’ve noticed that I am seriously lacking in the “do what you know” category around the house these days. There are a number of things I know I should be doing and yet…I don’t do them. Shame on me!!! Now that I don’t have Facebook as a distraction, here’s a small list of things I realized I need to do to make my life less stressful…I need constant reminders to do these bare minimums!!!

[1] Do your calendar review…of the week that is coming…and make sure all loose ends have been tacked down. That way you will know what you are doing and the “hard landscape” for each day. Do this on Sunday.

[2] Wash/Dry/Fold/Put Away ONE load of laundry everyday!!!

[3] Make sure you make all the beds.

[4] Eat. Also, clean up after every meal…make sure the sink is empty, counters are clean and floors swept. Wash/Put Away ONE load of dishes from the dishwasher everyday!!!

[5] Do a 10 minute general pick-up around the house…at least once a day. New rule…pick up one item at a time and put it where it actually belongs.

[6] Spend time with the Lord. (Why is this #6 on my list? Goodness gracious…)

[7] Work for at LEAST 2 hours on something (there is always something that needs to get done)…I have too many jobs.

[8] Don’t forget to play with your daughter.

[9] Be present and look at your husband when he is talking to you.

[10] Make sure you take a shower, get dressed, and get ready for your day before Naomi wakes up in the morning.

[11] Visit with at least one friend per day (either in person, via the phone, write a letter or through email).

[12] Figure out how you can fit in 20 minutes of real exercise.

[13] Drink more water. The Mayo Clinic reports that women need 9 cups of water and men need 13 cups to stay hydrated and healthy.

That is all I am working on right now. Bare minimum stuff. All of these things should keep me busy for a while. I hope they become a habit and that I won’t have to think about doing all these things all the time. Maybe I can move on to more creative things this summer…

What do you do to “center” yourself during the day?