Take Your Proverbs 31 and…

Okay…I have to admit…the idea of the “Proverbs 31 Woman” has rubbed me the wrong way for quite some time now. It basically lays out in scripture one example that every Christian woman clings to on how to become a “Superwoman”. And honestly, no woman can actually achieve this standard. Seriously.

I was praying yesterday about this particular part in scripture…because I know the Lord put it there for a reason and I knew I had a bad attitude about it. Eventually, the desire to study this passage more in depth came to me (I am assuming this desire was from the Holy Spirit). After a quick search on the internet, I came across this website that has a Bible study on Proverbs that seems pretty neat. It also has a few other ones I might check out later (ie The Beatitudes, Proverbs, Faith, etc).


So, the next time you see me…I might be wearing a cape. 🙂