I feel like a big fat liar right now.

A few weeks ago I mentioned in a particular blog post that I would not be posting any more blogs until the end of Easter…due to my “giving up the internet” for Lent. I have since posted a number of blogs (hence the big fat liar comment). Well, Lent doesn’t officially start until Wednesday…and, to tell you the truth, I have rediscovered my love for writing.

However, at some point in the last 10 years, I lost all grammar rules in the recesses of my aging mind. Not to mention the fact that I have this bad habit of putting punctuation in random, weird places. **GASP** My high school “Honors English” teacher would be proud. To be honest, after talking to my friend Molly I realized that this little fact about me is okay. It’s okay to love the art of writing and not have the perfect sentence structure.

Ah…sweet freedom.

I think I will continue to write while I’m on my “internet sabbatical”. My husband may be the only one that will read my writings…and perhaps that will be okay.


One thought on “Blogging

  1. I go through the same back and forth all the time,
    the Internet itself is not bad I don’t think,
    it is a tool, and benign.
    How we use it determines the role it plays in our lives.

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