Christmas Feelings

I love Christmas. I love the religious aspect: celebrating the start of our Lord’s time on earth, His tremendous humility in knowingly becoming a drooling little baby in a difficult, hard, cold world and His amazing goodness and love in even doing this. I love the idea of adding some cheer to this otherwise dreary season, what with the cold, the snow, the trees barren, the plants dormant or dead. I love the idea of a feast in what historically would be more of a time of famine – the generosity in the face of scarcity. I love the family time – even if we don’t see them as much as we like the rest of the year, we get some time with our family. I love the tasty foods (too much, often). I love the warmth and hospitality in the face of the coldest times of the year.

However, I am less than enthusiastic about some of the other aspects: the commercialism, the crazy economic situation that has come about because of the commercialism, the political correctness of the “holiday season” and the Christian backlash to said political correctness. The materialism and greed that is taught to children. The gluttony that a feast in a continually-feasting society. The whole weather aspect makes me a little worried – all the visitors around this time in the worst traveling weather of the year. All that crap could fall out the window of the top floor as far as I’m concerned.

But I am determined to not even think about the parts of it I don’t care for. I’ll try to not add to those things, and avoid them if that’s all I can do. But otherwise, I’m going to just think Happy Christmas thoughts.