— Aaron

I’m not feeling as “in the Easter spirit” as usual this year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very, very thankful for my Lord’s work on the cross and for His resurrection. But most years, I have felt somehow “ready” for Easter, whereas this year, it kind of feels like it snuck up on me. I’ve been feeling this way for about the last week and a half.

Today, it occurred to me that I didn’t observe Lent. I have somehow observed Lent most of the last seven or eight years. Don’t call me a martyr just yet – it’s usually been something simple like giving up coffee (and subsequently drinking way more tea) or video games (and finding other diversions). I guess with my Lent observances being as non-sacrificial as they have been, I didn’t figure I’d miss it. So forty days ago or so, I gave Lent about three minutes thought, and decided I wasn’t going to do anything this year.

BUT, now that Easter’s here, I feel like I missed out by not observing Lent. Not that it was the sacrifice – my sacrifices don’t generally even deserve to be called “sacrifices”. But I think I liked the reminder to dwell on the coming Easter and it’s meaning.

Huh. I guess you live and you learn. Or you live, anyways.



2 thoughts on “Easter/Lent

  1. I’m glad we figured out why we were in an Easter funk this year.

    Now that we have Naomi…the question is…what family traditions are we going to do with her? Easter Bunnies? Coloring eggs? Candy? Chaos? Jesus?

    I hope we have more of Jesus and less “stuff” in our Easter celebrations. Perhaps more people, too.

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