— Dana

“Church was to be the result of people working together in the kingdom, not the focus of the work itself…we have made the church the point of God’s work and not the kingdom. And in doing so, we have unintentionally substituted the gospel of the kingdom (“Repent, the kingdom is at hand”) for the gospel of the church (“come to church to meet Jesus and grow spiritually”). We have substituted the work of the Spirit (transforming our inward character into the image of Jesus) for the work of the church (attending this class, this program, and this ministry). We have substituted the work of worship (which has always been the primary vocation of God’s people) for the passive consumption of church services (watching our paid professionals do their thing on stage).” – Unknown Author


4 thoughts on “Church

  1. I will have to think on this more before I can make a thoughtful comment. But right off the top I agree with much of what was said. Where did you read the article?

  2. Intersesting article…this one has me going a million different directions. For that I’m not sure that it is well written. Too much having to guess what the author means, like ‘gospel of the church.’ What does that mean?

  3. Absolutely agree. This is why Brandon wants to start up a church with just a few close friends operating out of someone’s house. I don’t know about that, though. Isn’t that called a cult? ;o)

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