[Naomi] 2 Weeks Old

β€” Dana

Some more stuff about Naomi’s birth: Aaron nearly passed out at the end of Dana’s labor. He was helping Dana by holding her leg, and all of a sudden he went all white. But, Danise (Dana’s sister) stepped right up to help!!! Hooray!!! Danise even cut the cord while Aaron was still recovering in the chair (Aaron didn’t want to cut the umbilical cord anyway, so it was okay).

And one little debacle: When Naomi was born the scale read “6 9 9″…and the nurse said, “we’ll just round it up to 7 pounds.” So that’s what went on her official chart and on her birth certificate. Now all babies (unless you’re bottle feeding them from day one) lose weight in the first few weeks. There’s a certain amount of weight loss that’s normal and more than that is scary and dangerous. So during Naomi’s 4-day checkup, our Midwife weighed her and found that she was only “6 lbs. 1 oz.” Linda was instantly worried and she thought we should rush Naomi to the emergency room. But then we talked about it a bit, and we realized that the nurse who weighed Naomi should have rounded the “6 lbs. 9.9 oz.” to “6 lbs. 10 oz.”…and not 7 pounds!!! (There is 16 ounces in a pound, and we weren’t thinking about that after 4 days of labor.) That extra 6 ounces made all the difference between a “normal weight loss” and “we are in big trouble and need to go to the hospital” weight loss. After 2 weeks, Naomi is back to her birth weight…and is growing by the day.

Other than that, we still have a beautiful, wonderful, little girl named Naomi…and we probably won’t ever shut up about her. So here’s some more news…

Our little family had a great two weeks together!!! Dana started doing church finances 5 days after giving birth. Aaron went back to work on Monday the 8th. Dana went on her first outing WITHOUT Naomi this last Friday. And after three weeks of dog sitting (thanks Grandma Jeanie and The Garringer’s), we finally brought our dog home on Valentine’s Day. So that was a few new and interesting challenges this week, but they have all gone well and we are enjoying this new experience!!! (Baby Steps is a common phrase we like to say in our household.) We’ve been getting plenty of sleep and experiencing lots of love from friends and family…we are truly blessed.


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  1. No I haven’t gotten that book yet. I’m putting it on my Amazon wishlist. πŸ™‚ I think it’s possible I may be pregnant now…but we have to wait until the 24th to test! πŸ˜€ Updates as always on the blog πŸ˜€

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