My Mom-Like Reflexes

— Dana


I have mom-like reflexes.

SETTING: I think it was about a month ago…in our house. Aaron stepped in the claw tub to take a shower. I was looking in the mirror (in the opposite direction of the shower), and I didn’t take my eyes off the mirror the entire time this event happened.

BEGIN SCENE: Aaron had both feet in the tub. He slipped and started to fall backwards (toward the vanity and the floor). I, without looking, caught Aaron in mid-air…before he hit his head on anything. I turned around to see my hands neatly tucked into Aaron’s armpits. The funny thing was, when this happened, I was so pregnant and my arms were so weak…I couldn’t lift Aaron up and place him back in the shower. So, I just held his torso in mid-air…as his legs hung over the edge of the tub. I eventually had to lower him down to the ground (ever so slowly) so he could get up.

We started laughing…once we realized what this seneario would look like to an outsider.

My mom-like reflexes saved the day.