10 Reason Why I Love Being Pregnant

— Dana

1. Baby Hiccups
Baby hiccups make me giggle every time the baby starts to get them. It feels like a part of my stomach is experiencing a muscle twitch (like when your eye twitches). I was driving around town this week, and the traffic was horrible…as soon as those little hiccups started, I forgot about the other drivers and went on my merry little way. Baby hiccups are magical…

2. Pregnancy Pants
Now that I’m pregnant, I never have to unbutton or unzip my pants…it’s glorious!!! Which really comes in handy…especially when I need to pee every 2 hours (since it usually feels like an “emergency” these days and I think buttons and zippers would just slow me down). I’m pretty sure I’ll need to re-learn how to unbutton and unzip my pants when I start wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes. I should count how many times I try to pull down my pants without undoing the necessary parts…in a few months.

3. My Body
I cannot recall a time in my life when I didn’t feel self-conscience about my own body and the way I look. I know…sad…I’m 26 years old and I’ve never felt comfortable with my body. Well, as soon as I found out I was pregnant…I immediately began to appreciate my body. Throughout my pregnancy, I’ve enjoyed looking in the mirror for the first time in my life. It’s not a vanity thing…just an appreciate for what God has created and is currently creating.

4. Other People Touch My Belly Now
I actually love it when people touch my belly (I especially love it when Aaron rubs my belly)!!! I don’t know how to explain the feeling. If you really think about it, the belly is “off limits” when you’re not pregnant. It would be weird if someone came up to you after you ate or something, just to touch your belly. But when you’re pregnant, it’s a way people can connect with the baby…and it can only happen for a few months.

5. Food, Food, Food…All The Time
I get to eat all the time and I don’t seem to be gaining gobs and gobs of weight. Aaron and I are using “The Bradley Method” (opposite of Lamaze) and Dr. Bradley really emphasizes that I eat specific food groups everyday. So, I’ve been eating healthier and I feel better because of it. I actually eat slower and drink more water, too…

6. Caring For The Baby
People always ask me…”Can you hardly wait for the baby to come out?” And to be quite honest, I have mixed feelings about that right now. Yes, I would love to actually hold and interact with my baby. But really…it’s WAY easier to care for the baby right now!!! It doesn’t cry or keep me awake at night. Caring for the baby is a piece of cake while I’m pregnant…

7. Sleeping Habits
No one questions me if I want to sleep in, go to bed early or take a nap in the middle of the day when I’m pregnant. If I’m tired…I sleep…it’s that simple. And as many of you know, sleeping is one of my “Spiritual Gifts”…so I must be really spiritual now. 🙂

8. My Skin
In general, my skin looks and feels great. My face has cleared up and I have this “perma-rosy-cheek” look all the time. I never feel like I need to wear make-up and I don’t need any lotion for dry skin (unless I over-do-it with soap everyday). It’s nice…

9. Hormones
Overal, I’m not usually the person that cries at commericals or Hallmark cards…but now that I’m pregnant, I can turn the “Crocodile Tears” on like nobody’s business. It’s like pregnancy opened the flood gates in my tear ducts…and when I cry, you know it. But, (Aaron can confirm this…) pregnancy has actually made my hormones balance out…I am not as spaztic or irritable as I use to be, and I seem to be mellowing out the last 6 months. I feel like a normal person, and Aaron says it’s nice to have a normal wife now. 🙂

Last, but not least…

10. I Feel Amazing
I have heard every pregnancy symptom under the sun that could possibly happen during the course of 9 months…because when I tell people I feel better now that I’m pregnant (compared to when I wasn’t pregnant), they just say…”Wait until ________ starts to happening to you!” I have truly been blessed to have the easiest pregnancy. I just hope I continue to feel this great after the baby’s born…