Buy Nothing Day

— Aaron

So tomorrow is Officially, two things: “Black Friday” and “Buy Nothing Day”. I plan on celebrating the latter, not the former.

I know this is kind of asking for harder times, but if we all bought less, it would probably not help the economy further. In fact, if we all bought less, (and by less, I mean – we all bought like one or two gifts, and they were small and cost less than our “usual” gifts), then entire industries would not go into the red all year long. That’s where the name “Black Friday” comes from. It’s the usual first day of the year that a lot of retailers go into the black. Not in debt. This is somewhat disgusting to me that we live in a society that has whole industries going 11 3/4 months in debt and only 1 and 1/4 months turning profit. So, back to what I was saying, if we all bought less, whole industries would go out of business.
We just get so wrapped up in “stuff”. It’s disturbing.