Pregnancy Dreams

— Dana

Okay, I really need to write more of my dreams down…they are pretty hilarious. My little ditty of a dream went a little like this…

After watching the news, Aaron found out everyone could start earning their “State Citizenship” and qualify for some discounts on things such as gas and food. I started going into labor…and Aaron decided that he wanted our child to have “Idaho State Citizenship” so we could qualify for cheaper gas. I was about to deliver the baby, so Aaron basically threw me in the car and drove 100 mph on the freeway towards Idaho. He kept saying “hang on honey…we just have to make it to Stateline,” like it was some sort of mantra. We made it to Stateline…and then I woke up and said “Idaho”.

Aaron was really confused, so I had to explain my dream. He laughed and all day we kept saying “Idaho”…like Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo (from South Park) when he says “HI-D-HO”.

And that’s my crazy dream. I would find it highly amusing if we actually had to get “State Citizenship”…did you know that would make me a prophet!!!