Random Thoughts

— Dana

1. I was unaware of the un-written rule that all banks seem to follow: “do not give change to non-members”. Yesterday, I had six $20 bills and I needed smaller denominations (like $10s and $5). I went to two different banks (a credit union and then a larger bank) and they both told me that they could not break my $20 bills. Freakin’ A!!! I thought that that was a service banks provided. So, if you want change for a $20, make sure you don’t waste your afternoon…and just go straight to your bank.

2. I attended a “La Leche League” meeting today…because my birthing instructor said we needed to attend one meeting before our 12 week class ended. It was interesting…and chaotic!!! Lots of adults, toddlers and babies in a very small space . I was the only person there without children…and I’m pretty sure the estrogen in that room would make any person (male or female) lactate within a 10-foot radius. I did pick-up a few tips and insights about breast feeding…and I’m glad I went. But overall, I’m still feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of noise and chaos.

3. The dog is currently out of dog food. I need to go get some before he starts gnawing on my leg…

4. We finally finished the gift registry for the baby!!! Yey!!! Now, all we have to do is figure ou how many “sticks” and “blankets” the baby will need in the first year…

5. My heart is filled with joy today.

6. I am getting my hair cut tomorrow (finally)!!! It’s nothing special…just a trim…but this is the longest I’ve waited to get a haircut in the last 3 years.

7. The beginning of my third trimester is pretty easy. Not feeling much different than my second and first trimester. Sometimes, I forget I’m pregnant…then I try to fit through small spaces and the giant dome on my belly reminds of my current state. The baby also likes to kick my bladder…which is always a nice little reminder.

8. The rain has finally stopped. As nice as that is…it was my only excuse for not raking the leaves.

9. I love my husband…he is hilarious!!! We’ve had a great week of laughing at inside jokes and being silly.

10. Can you believe Thanksgiving is in a few weeks??? Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday I started writing “2008”. Soon I will attempt to write “2009” and get it wrong for the first few months of the year. Poor January and February…I never know what year it is during those two months. **sigh**

11. New jackets rock!!! Especially, the ones you can zip up. I have had this problem we call “expando-belly” that makes it difficult to zip up any sweater or jacket. So, I ventured out to Value Village yesterday and I found an incredible Old Navy jacket that fits (and has room for my belly to grow) my belly and arms…and I got it for only $9!!!

12. Did you know that the Downtown Spokane Library has a bookstore called “Buy the Book”…and you can purchase great books for $1??? I just found out last weekend…why didn’t anyone tell me???