Elections Are Over

— Dana

I haven’t blogged in a while.

It feels like my brain is going in too many different directions at once. I’ve tried to blog about the things that are on my mind, but I just can’t put them into words for some reason. The topics range from politics to religion, parenting to friendships…music to movies, the laundry to dishes. I’m all over the place. My brain is in hyper-mode…

It’s raining outside and I’m watching a child, a cat, and two dogs today. I took the child to school. The two dogs are napping after three hours of wrestling. The cat is content to just sleep on the bed. I have a moment to think. To clear my head…to sit down and process.

I decided that I needed to blog…it’s very therapeutic to write down what’s going on in my mind and in my life. Sometimes, I look back and wonder why I even put words to what I was feeling…and reveal it to the whole world (or maybe more like the two people that read my blog once a month). Other times I wish I was more honest with my feelings…because I only let a small bit out of what’s really going on. Am I being fake? No. Sometimes, I don’t even know myself and what’s going on…until some time passes and I can look back and evaluate. It amazes me that God knows everything about me…all the time.

I digress…that is not what I came here to blog about.

After much thought, I realized that I am not much of a political person. I don’t enjoy discussing politics because, to me, it seems almost as fruitless as discussing the gray areas of theology. Just lots of opinions going ’round and ’round and ’round. I don’t like things that go ’round and ’round. But hey…that’s me…and I think I’m okay with that little factoid about myself.

I did, however, do my research before “Election Day”…voted from the comfort of my own home and encouraged others to do the same.

When the evening came to a close on Tuesday, Aaron and I turned the TV on for the first time in months (it was so dusty) so we could watch the election results come in. I sat there and thought about my little life here on this planet…and I wondered what issues my unborn child will vote for and what things they will vote against. Now that it’s been a few days after election day…America seems to be full of mixed emotions. Some are angry and they think the perceived “Anti-Christ” and his liege of evil, Democratic minions are calling the shots. Some are elated that the party tables have turned around a little bit and are looking forward to the change that this new President could bring. Some are disappointed, but hopeful.

This post has nothing to do with Obama winning on Tuesday. This blog post has to do with us…the American people. If anything, this election has shown us that change is possible. That hope is present and that there is a new generation of leaders that are excited and optimistic about the future…regardless of who is hanging out in the Whitehouse. By the time I woke up this Thursday morning, I was already reading things like “sure, everyone is hopeful, but once they see Obama can’t deliver…they’ll be let down.” And you know what I think? I think this is an immature and ridiculous way of looking at the current state of our country.

Why? You ask…

We shouldn’t rely on Obama…or Congress…or the House. Other than Christ, we should rely on each other…on the American People. In the last year, WE have united like never before. WE have celebrated and challenged the status quo and passionately supported people WE believe in. At this pivotal time in our nation, I ask that you do a few things:

1. If you’re whining, STOP.

2. Look around your own neighborhood. What needs to change? Get to know your neighbors and make those changes!!!

3. What’s going on in your city? More importantly, WHO is leading your city? Get involved and share your voice if you see a need for change…and get to work!!!

4. What’s a cause you believe in? For me, it’s health care…I am sure I can find local and regional organizations for just about any cause under the sun. I challenge you to find them for yourself. Join them. Get to know your State Representative and Congress people. Let them know how they can best serve you.

5. PRAY!!! Obama can’t change the world in 4 years (or even 8 if he’s re-elected), so he could sure use your support and prayers…whether you agree with his position on issues or not. He has a big job ahead of him…we are at war…and as a nation, we are in financial turmoil. So, don’t rely on Obama to guide this country into the future forever…that job still belongs to the Lord. Why don’t you ask the One that’s really in charge to lead this country?

6. Finally, YOU have a responsibility beyond voting…now that the elections are finally over. So, ask yourself, as an American…what are you going to do with that idea (other than whining…because you’ve had 2 days to do that already).