Random Thoughts

— Dana

1. It’s official…my belly is large enough to rub against the steering wheel in my car. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t already have the seat back as far as it could go…so I can’t move it any farther back because my short legs wouldn’t be able to reach the pedals. I guess I can start wearing blocks on my shoes…

2. I just received my “Free Birthday Scoop” coupons from Baskin Robbins and Cold Stone. I’m pretty excited…

3. It’s pretty cold in my house. A few months ago, Aaron and I remembered that our furnace had not been “seen for it’s regular yearly check-up” in 2 years…and we decided that we were going to keep the heat off until it was serviced. All of a sudden, it’s like the tundra in our house. Who said it was time to get cold…ah, Monday can’t come soon enough. My poor fingers are freezing as I type this blog…

4. I ate too many servings of beans this week…that’s all I will say regarding this topic.

5. I am reading WAY too many books right now. I just need to read one book and finish it before I pick up another one. Brain not working…must read…all the time…

6. I keep trying to finish this list of random thoughts and my brain will stop working in mid-thought.

7. Last week, I broke my engagement ring (the very ring that Aaron placed on my finger when he proposed to me at my Senior Prom). I was putting dishes away in the cupboard, and I somehow caught my ring on something and ripped out two prongs. I found the stone and placed it and my broken ring in a baggie…who knows when I will be able to get it fixed. At least it doesn’t represent my marriage…which is solid and secure.

8. Aaron is the cutest man alive…Today, he was putting tar on the roof of our house (to seal up the chimney) and then later he was rubbing lotion on my belly. How cute is that?

9. I love the fall…it makes me happy. Warm drinks. Hot meals. Sweaters. Leaves changing color. What more could a person want?

10. I just realized Stephenie and her family are home now from their Disney World vacation…that makes me happy.

11. Dale Witty, a dear brother in the Lord, is in CICU at Sacred Heart…it sounds like he’s in the same room that Jeannie Cross stayed in for a few weeks (she was there until her passing). He is having difficulty breathing and is on a b-pap machine…due to a lung infection and a bad case of the shingles. Which is a similar reason why Jeannie was at CICU (except for the shingles). It has brought up a few emotions in my heart…ones that I thought the Lord had worked out in me. Apparently, He is not done with me yet (why do I ever assume that He is finished)!!! Please lift Dale (and his wife Robbin) up to the Lord…since He is the God of all healing and peace.

12. I think way too much…about a lot of things.

13. Who knew that you were suppose to find a Peditrition before the baby was born??? Not me!!! I am due in nearly 4 months, and my midwife (and birthing class instructor) said I should be interviewing Peditritions now. It finally hit me today…in 16 weeks I am going to be a mom. WHAT??? That freaks me right out. I really have the potential to mess up a person’s life. But, it comforts me to know that not one person picks their parents…the Lord does. He already knows everything about this child that grows in my womb…and that it will be the perfect child for Aaron and I. The Lord has orchestrated it all for His Glory…and for that I am grateful and feel honored to raise up His creation to love and serve Him. What a high calling…and one that freaks me out sometimes!!!