[Amateur] Photography 4

[Amateur] Photography 4

— Dana

I was in a funk for a few weeks, so I decided to do a few things that would cheer me up. The first thing I did was read about the Lord in the Bible…and all the promises and encouragement that He gives. Next, I tried to get more exercise and fresh air…and just continue to eat healthy (I am pregnant, so this one benefits more than one person). And finally…I took all sorts of random pictures.

I deleted most of the pictures I took this week…looking back, I think I should have kept them all. Because sometimes I feel like I need to hide the fact that I’m struggling with life…and I should only take pictures of “happy” things and only blog about life when I’m feeling great.

My pictures were not happy pictures. I felt angry and sad…and that feeling reflected in my photos. This one particular picture (that I’ve posted) is a horrible photo of my dog, Zeke. Even after a lot of “doctoring”…using an old version of Photoshop that crashes all the time…I don’t like how it turned out. However, I decided to post this photo because it was a good reflection of how I felt this week…flawed.

The funny thing is…even in this flawed photo, I can see humor in the background!!! Check out the bookshelf in the background. That shelf has a bracket that is lying on the ground…and it came out of the wall 6 months ago. If you look closely, you will notice that our “Home Improvement” book is really being put to good use (and you can tell how often we actually read it)…because it’s currently holding up our little bookshelf in the office. Apparently, some things don’t need to be fixed right away…

That is my life application for this week…I can’t fix everything right away. I need to trust that Someone will help me in His [meaning the Lord] perfect timing…

Home Improvement Tip [of the Week]: Use a “Home Improvement” book to hold up your bookshelf when it breaks.