The Cook

— Aaron

It only took us 6.23835616438 years of marriage, but Dana and I have finally hit on a household system that I think can work. It’s quite a bit simpler than our previous systems, which involved trading off household chores, or hiring someone to do some of the chores and divvying out the rest, or each getting our own list of chores, or having one day where we just do all the chores. It can be almost completely summed up in four words: She cleans, I cook.

Now, practically, it still means I’m in charge of fixing things around the house when they break, and since she’s pregnant, I still clean the cat box. Also, we still sort of divvy up the lawn/tree/sidewalk/porch chores, or at least I help her with them.

Some might say this is a bit unfair and Dana gets more work than me. Perhaps. But, there are two things to consider here: 1) I work 40-50 hours a week. And Dana, though she does work outside the house and does freelance inside the house, doesn’t have 40-50 hours of obligations aside from household chores. Also, 2) Dana HATES cooking. She does not, however, hate cleaning. And I really don’t like cleaning. And cooking is not so bad on my list.

This is an arrangement I can see lasting for a long time. It seems easy for both of us, and that’s a good thing. However, like I said before, Dana is pregnant. So, life will change in about four months, and we’ll need to be flexible enough to handle that change.


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