3rd Quarter Update

— Dana

Okay…my 3rd Quarter Update is more on time (compared to my 2nd Quarter Update)…so I can give you more info this time.

In July, we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. How cool is that? I am just in awe of how this baby is growing and changing every week. One week it’s the size of a quarter and then a few weeks later it’s as big as an avacado and then as big as a banana. Aaron and I decided that we are not going to find out the gender of any of our children, so I guess you will find out if it’s a boy or a girl as soon as we do. 🙂 In the midst of celebrating life, we experienced a loss this month…our dear friend Jeannie passed away on the 4th of July. I’m sure you’ve heard her name floating around the last few months…she was the same lady that was diagnosed with cancer in December and made that amazing trip to the Mayo Clinic in February. Jeannie Cross returned to Spokane and started her chemo treatments shortly after her trip to the Mayo Clinic. Jeannie was a real trooper as she lost her hair and experienced many side effects that chemo therapy does to someone’s body. She went to the hospital in June due to breathing complications and then within a mere 3 weeks Jeannie passed away. What a shock to a person’s system…especially when she was doing so well and overcoming so many obstacles!!!

This is the major reason why my 2nd quarter update was so late…Jeannie was a special person in my life and I have been in the middle grieving this loss the last few months. I am so thankful for the Lord’s timing, though. Daily, He reminds me that I still have life in me (quite literally) and that Jeannie was a light for Christ while she was still here on this earth. I still have a job to do while I’m here and I can’t let my grief get in the way of that mission of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Like the death of Christ, Jeannie’s death is not one that ends in sorrow (though I miss her terribly). People are coming to know Christ as their Savior because of the life Jeannie lived…even after her death…and I want to continue to live that kind of life.

Spokane’s summer has been pretty mild this year (which was really nice since I’m pregnant). I did get a chance to peel away from the computer for a few days and enjoy the summer sun. In July, I Malia (Scott & Jeannie Cross’ daughter), Shaelyn (a 7 year old girl that is very close to my heart) and my sister went to Splashdown for an afternoon of watersliding fun. What a great time of playing and relaxing in the summer sun!!! It was my last week of doing “extreme sports”…after my trip to Splashdown my midwife told me to keep the activities down to a minimum and act like I’m pregnant. 🙂 So, what do pregnant women do? Eat!!! So, our friends had their Annual (well…it’s not annual…it happens every other year) Luau this summer…and we went in full Hawaiian Spirit. The only thing I didn’t get to enjoy were the Mai Tai and other Hawaiian alcoholic beverages…oh well. A week after the King’s Luau, Aaron and I attended his 10 Year High School Reunion. We had a blast catching up with friends from the past and visiting with people we see on a regular basis.

The rest of the quarter went by pretty slow…In August, we helped out with the Garland Festival again…which was pretty exciting. This is our third year of participating in this Street Fair, and our church has been the one that has set up a booth (now that I think about it, I think it was my favorite year)!!! Aaron and I also went on a big road trip with our friends Matt and Sarah Miller near the end of August. Our “Baby Moon” trip was really needed after two months of grieving Jeannie’s death…especially for me. It’s amazing how much more emotional I am now that I’m pregnant :-). Aaron blogged about our trip to Colorado, so I am not going to bore you with the details. If you want to read more about our trip, visit his blog posts at the following links: Blog 1, Blog 2, Blog 3, Blog 4.

September was a month of slowing down for Aaron and I. We had had an incredibly busy summer, and our breaks came on really quick after we returned home from our road trip to Colorado. The month of September was spent hang out with friends at Williams Valley and catching up on last season’s episodes of Smallville. Aaron and I started our Bradley Method Birthing Classes (which I am really enjoying)…and we to experience our one and only ultrasound of the baby. Aaron and I have a DVD of the ultrasound (it shows everything we saw during the first half of the appointment)…so if you’re lucky, we might make you watch the video the next time you come over to our house. 😉

All in all…Aaron and I are doing well…and so is our puppy, Zeke!!! My pregnancy has been a piece of cake and we are planning on taking it really easy the rest of the year in preparation for our little new addition. I have been taking everyone’s advice to sleep while I can…and Aaron has been working really hard in his basement office. We really can’t complain…the Lord is good and we are healthy and happy.

We look forward to hearing how the Lord has been speaking to your heart this last quarter…and hope you and your family are doing well!!! If you didn’t receive our “2nd Quarter Update” that I sent out this week…visit my blog and scroll down to my 2nd Quarter Update. Many blessings into the last quarter of the year…