2nd Quarter Update

— Dana

I am so behind with my 2nd Quarter Update…so here’s the “Cliff Notes” version.

Hmmm…April. I have no idea where that month went. I have nothing to report…

In May, Aaron started working from home!!! Hooray!! My parents came over for an “Extreme Basement Makeover”…and within a few hours, Aaron had 1/4 of our basement finished for his office. He has been staying motivated and focused in his little office downstairs since May, and I’m really proud of how hard he works to provide for his little family. Our church moved locations in May as well…now we are renting from a church building that’s one block from our house. Our gas bill for our car has significantly decreased now…with Aaron and I working from home and our church being within walking distance…we rarely have a reason to drive anymore. Another “May” highlight included Spokane’s Wine Tour during Mother’s Day weekend. We have tried to attend this wine tour for a few years now…and this year we finally made it!!! What a neat experience of touring Spokane and tasting the area’s finest wines…some straight from the barrel!!!

In June, we found out we were pregnant…thanks to the Mother’s Day Wine Tour :-). YEY!!! God’s timing is perfect and I don’t have to be pregnant during the summer. My due date is February 1st and we couldn’t be more excited!!! My sister also got married at the end of June…I spent most of the month planning and attending all the “pre-wedding parties” for my sister as well as helping her finalize all the plans for the actual wedding itself. It ended up being a beautiful ceremony…and amazing reception!!! Another thing that happened this month…Aaron and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary in June. The next day, Aaron left Spokane to go to Kentucky for a week (for a business trip). Which was fine by me…I was enjoying my first pregnancy “side effects” (migraines) that whole week while he was gone…so he didn’t miss much while I was in bed.

I am going to wrap up this 2nd Quarter Update…I will send my 3rd Quarter Update soon!!!