A Change [For The Better]

— Dana

It’s funny how a person can be married for 6-1/2 years and finally realize that something isn’t working [don’t worry…I’m not talking about divorce or anything].


A few weeks ago, Aaron and I decided that our “system” of cleaning the house and making meals every day was obviously not working. So…we decided that I’m going to do all the cleaning (which I LOVE to do) and Aaron is going to do all the cooking (hooray…I don’t have to cook anymore)!!! This system has been AMAZING…I feel less agitated and stressed throughout my day and everything is actually getting done in a timely manner.

Why didn’t we think of this system before?

Another change that Aaron and I recently made included shredding our credit card. Now, this was an easy task for Aaron…because he rarely makes purchases these days. For me, however, this was a very painful process…but a necessary one. We aren’t usually in huge amounts of debt…because we try pay off our balance within a timely manner. But if Aaron and I want to keep within our goal of being debt free (including our mortgage) in 20 years, this was something that needed to be done. We have been listening to Dave Ramsey’s podcast online and have followed his tips on becoming debt free [if you’ve never read any of his stuff…I would highly recommend it!!!] and I am finally DONE with debt. It just weighs me down and I am ready to get it over with…instead of trying to make it live on with my bad choices.

Again, why didn’t we think of doing this before?